Charcoal Disc

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Charcoal Disc

Charcoal disc are used to slowly burn herbs & resins as well as heating cauldrons and other tools without using an open flame. 

Disc should be placed on sand or salt to avoid the vessel becoming too hot, breaking or catching fire itself. 

NEVER place hot disc in trash, on any surface that can be damaged or near open flame.

Apply open flame to bottom center of disc (convex area) and allow to spark. Once the spark has reached the edge, enough that you should begin to feel heat on your fingers, place it on the salt or sand, centered. It should look like a small bowl. After the coal has become white (maybe a minute or so), place your herbs and/or resins in the center. You can use this disc for some time or simply allow it to burn out. If you choose to continue use after first burn, use a tool to scrape the burned area, exposing a red glow. 


We offer two brands of charcoal. Swift-Lite & Sunlight

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