Prai Amulet "Whispering Skull"

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Super Gambling and Love Skull red eye prai top amulet

Made using sacred superb mystic material . Strongly consecrated personally by AJ POON for 9 nights.

Before you use this Prai amulet, please prepare 1 shot of whisky, 1 glass of water, 1 dish of rice and a piece of pork or chicken (cooked, not rare, only do it once or whenever you wish has been granted or whenever suit you) . Light 1 incense and say the following Katha or prayers :

Sum-ma Sum-put Ta-sa (all 3 times)

Then says

Pi-young-ma-ma (3 times) 

Then you can pray and ask for wishes, for luck, for great fortune, for love, for protection for everything. 

100% genuine Thai amulet



1. Prai for creating Metta, means that you will be benevolence, receive loving-kindness and friendliness as well as amity, friendship, good will, kindness from people around you. 

2. Prai that brings Maha Saney, means highly same or opposite sex attractiveness, love attraction, mesmerizing someone

3. Prai that will bring you Maha Larp, meaning great fortune 

4. Prai that will bring Maha Phokhasap, meaning Great wealth, windfall of money, great and good business, higher sales volume, more customers.

5. Prai that will bring Gambling luck to the user, include risky business, casino, lottery

6. Prai that Kanphai and Klaew Klaad, means Protection from dangers, for safety and free for all harms

7. Prai that will give you Protection against black magic, bad spirit, curses, witchcraft spells

8. Prai that will bring you Maha amnaj, means Great charismatic power feared by others, being in authority, people will listen to you and afraid by your inner power, words and actions.

9. Prai that will Whispering you luck, tell you when there are good things available in front of you or as to go for luck ahead of you.


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