5-5-5 (Hoodoo)

5-5-5 (Hoodoo)

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Is there something that you need to happen and you need it within the week?

Yes, this is a little time consuming and tedious, might even bring you back to grade school, writing sentences. I can guarantee you will get it out there and someone will hear you. 



Write your petition, 55 times for 5 days.

*Must all be written at once. (You can't start and then go cook, answer a call, etc.)

-At the end of each sentence, write, "Thank you!"

-Intention should be true by the 5th day.

**This is something that needs to be well planned and thought out. You can't simply say, " I am going to be a millionaire, in 5 days." (Well, you can, but you have to be realistic and have pure intent. Why do you NEED to be a millionaire in 5 days? How are you going to take your new found wealth and use it properly? Remember, just as it is given, it can be taken.)


Examples of intentions:

- I am the branch manager. Thank you! (Remember, is this something you have been working towards? Training for?)

-I am pregnant. Thank you! (Have you been trying for a child? Is this the right time to have a child? Is this the right person to father your child? What if they aren't going to be around, is this something that you are financially, mentally, physically and emotionally prepared for?)

-I have a good job. Thank you! (Have you applied? Do you have the skills? Do you need more training?)

-I own a dependable, legal car. Thank you! (Have you taken the steps to ensure you can legally own a car? Do you have the finances to maintain this car?)

-I have a suitable home. Thank you! (Are you financially prepared for a home of your own?)

The questions at the back of the intentions are not to detour you, they are there to help you as you use them or write your own. These are questions that you need to ask yourself. I always look at it as I am talking to a young adult, begging to get out of their parents' home. I talk to myself this way. There will be times that you make hasty decisions and wonder why it was taken from you. Think before you manifest!


Remember, there are many herbs that help with manifestation. Several are in our shop. Music and candle work tends to help with manifestation, candles are also found in our shop. 

This was sent to me from a friend, I am not sure of it's origins nor do I own any rights to it. 

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