Dangerous Dusts

Dangerous Dusts

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Hotfoot Powder

Used to get someone away from you and out of your life.  Usually hotfoot powder is sprinkled where the target will walk, but can be used in poppets and jars. Hotfoot powder will cause no harm, just gets them away, fast.

Goofer Dust

Goofer dust causes serious harm to your target. Made with graveyard dirt. you should never purchase online, you should always SAFELY make your own. Used in poppets & candle spells. Only used for the worst of the worst. Should never be used in the heat of a moment. 

Zombie Dust

It will kill the target. IT WILL KILL YOU if not made correctly. It is sprinkled on something and then mailed or given to the target directly so they will inhale and handle it. If inhaled or it gets in the air ducts, YOU WILL DIE! It is made with actual bones and other things and is like cyanide. It is called zombie dust becuause if given in the right portion to a target, they will fall into a deep sleep and awaken and likely remain in a zombie like state. More precision is needed for this than for anesthesia for surgery. Just DON'T try it...  

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