Freeze Them! (Simple freezer spell) (Hoodoo)

Freeze Them! (Simple freezer spell) (Hoodoo)

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Freezer Spell or Freezer Work

Be sure that before you ask for any assistance from a patron or saint, you are well versed and knowledgeable of whom you are working with.  This isn't as simple as, welp, they look like they will work for me and badda bing, badda boom.. done. It doesn't work that way. You wouldn't walk up to a random person on the street and assume they will help you pack and move your home, just because you ask. 

You will need: (Best on New Moon)

Piece of paper


Freezer bag


Cayenne Pepper

Lemon Juice

Anything nasty


-Ask Papa Legba (or St. Peter) to open the gates. 

    For Papa Legba, say this phrase 3 times:

"Papa Legba, open the gates. Your children are waiting. Papa Legba, open the gates. Your children await. "

If you are not confident or familiar with Papa Legba, ask St. Peter, who will not get insulted if you mess it up. 

-Write your targets name on a piece of paper. Throw it in a freezer safe bag with some vinegar, lemon juice , cayenne pepper (be generous with the cayenne pepper) and anything else you want to add. Just remember, simplicity is best. You are not wanting to confuse as much as you are wanting to freeze to leave you alone.

-Shake the shit out of the bag (MAKE SURE IT IS SEALED) while concentrating on getting this person out of your life, in the best way possible. Focus all of your hate and dislikes on the bag, as though it is them, standing in front of.

-Throw the bag in the back of the freezer and forget about it. Put it out of your mind and move forward with your peaceful days!

-Ask Papa Legba (or St. Peter) to close the gates

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