Incantation, Spells, Works... How to

Incantation, Spells, Works... How to

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There ARE ways to chant, curse and ask. Just like in normal conversation, inflection is key. 

You love me and You love me can be meant in different ways. It is the tone, intent and expression that changes it from You love me (in a fun loving manner to You love me (in a demanding manner)

These don't need to be spoken... In the past, there would have been heavy payment for being a witch, practicing Hoodoo or anything that may seem like witchcraft. Often time, things had to be done, silently.

When you are able to safely "speak" your work...

Work on voice control

Whisper or hiss curses and hexes

Speak normally when the intention is "normal"

Sing or chant for love and glamour

Be comfortable and confident. 

When writing an incantation, spell or working... use inspiration. Music, Lyrics and Poetry. This helps with the verbal release, if needed. It give a flow.

"Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Who is the fairest of them all."

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