Poppy Seeds (Papaver spp.)

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Fertility, Luck, Love, Sleep, Money, Invisibility

Used in mixtures to aid in sleep.

Eaten or carried to promote fertility and attract luck and money. 

Worn to draw wealth.

Added to food to induce love, also used in love sachets.

Write a question in blue ink on white paper. Place the paper inside a poppy seed pod and place beneath your pillow. The answer will appear in your dreams.

According to legend, soak poppy seeds in wine for fifteen (15) days. After, drink the wine for five (5) days while fasting. You will be able to make yourself invisible at will.

Other Names: Blind Buff, Blindeyes, Headaches, Head Waak

Gender: Femanine

Planet: Moon

Element: Water

Deities: Hypnos, Demeter

Powers: Fertility, Luck, Love, Sleep, Money, Invisibility

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