Return To Sender (Hoodoo)

Return To Sender (Hoodoo)

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Feeling Attacked?

Send it back!

There comes a time when someone does something, you need to send it back. Someone can push bad luck, sickness and worse, right to your front door. Return it to the sender....and here is how.

You will need: 

Black candle

Reversal Oil (Olive oil if you have none)

Hotfoot Powder (Recipe included at bottom)


You can add whatever you life to make it more personal. Pictures, Hair, Nail Clippings, etc.

This is a general mirror spell that will reverse anything that someone has pushed on you. It is perfect when you are unsure of the actual sender. If you do know who it is, even better!

If you know their name: Carve their name into the candle, backwards. (From bottom to top) BACKWARDS

Dress the candle with hotfoot powder and oil.

Place the candle in front of the mirror. 

Light the candle and repeat the following words: (Speak into the candle and mirror as though they were directly in front of you)

"For all the evuil you have done to me, (Name), let that evil return to you! For all the pain you have caused me, (Name), let that pain return to you! May the losses you have caused me to suffer, (Name), return to you! May the lies you have told about me, (Name), be told on you!"

Hotfoot powder recipe:

2 parts sea salt

1 part pepper

1 part chili pepper

1 part cayenne pepper

1 part sulpher

*Add graveyard dirt and/or essential oils based on your desired use.

Origin unknown-I do not own rights to this

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