Shadow Work ~ How to

Shadow Work ~ How to

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Taking the time to not only assess your past but deal with it will bring you full circle, most cases. Take some time for you, You deserve it!


Shadow work is imperative in most people's lives. Regardless of how things are going, the past can, and will, come in to bite.

First, ask yourself the question. Meditate on it, sleep on it.. Focus on it.

1. What am I addicted to? This can be anything. Money, a substance, alcohol, shopping, attention, revenge.... literally, anything.

2. How have I been ignorant? This is not to beat yourself up, it is to make you find your place in the problem that is eating you. 

3. What projects haven't I finished? This, again, isn't to beat yourself up. This is to help you see where you need to complete things. Why haven't you completed them. It is almost certain that it has something to do with the next steps in your shadow work.

4. What toxic people should I distance myself from? It can be anyone. Past, present and even future people. These are people that have, do or will harm you in some way. Emotionally, physically, mentally... they will and you have already seen the signs. You may not be able to completely remove these from your life, however, you do have the choice on how much access you allow them.

5. What are my deepest fears? Are you afraid of being alone, abused, discarded, loved?

6. How have I been distracting myself? Work, games, social media, television, eating, alcohol, drugs, causing arguments, feeding arguments?

7. Am I truly healthy? This is not necessarily on the physical health, more, the mental and emotional well being.

8. How much corrupt forces penetrated my life? This one is something to really think on. Most people harbor some sort of trauma, sadness, uncertainty because of something that someone did to us as children and young adults. Here is the time when you really need to look back and think. Why am I the way I am?

9. What lessons do I still need to learn? We are always capable of learning something. If something is still easting at us, it is because we have failed to learn a lesson from it. 


This is likely going to be one of the hardest things you will ever do for yourself. Personally, I cannot recall crying so much. I learned so many things about the person I am today, because of the people I was either exposed to as a child or I allowed in my life as an adult. 

Repeat the steps as often as needed until you feel better. 

Something that helped me, so that I wouldn't become overwhelmed with the process, I lit a prayer candle (Shadow Work) and after asking myself the question, I focused on the flame and the answer. I extinguished the candle when I felt that I had enough of the pain and tears. If I needed to revisit that question, I did so. 

There are many herbs and incense, rituals and ideas that can be found in this section and throughout our shop to help you on your journey. 

Simply type in "Healing", "Purification", "Strength" and "Shadow Work"

Everything we have pertaining to those should appear on your page....


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