Ancestor Ritual(s) (Hoodoo)

Ancestor Ritual(s) (Hoodoo)

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Communication with your ancestors is as important as communicating with your living relatives. Sometimes, it's more important. When you reach out to them, you will be able to uncover family issues that you have inherited. To fix an issue, you must know the issue. There is a reason sites that focus on ancestry, are so popular. We not only want to know, we need to know. Medical, physical, geological... you deserve to know them, where you came from and where you need to go to make changes or grow your family name.

Be sure that you and your alter area are clean. Not just cleansed, actually CLEAN.

You are inviting your ancestors, impress them!

Make sure your alter is set up. Anything that represents your recently deceased.

Ancestors are way back, they are people in your DNA history.

Look for signs and be realistic.

You will need: 

White candle

Sage or any cleansing herb or resin.

Dinner on Saturday

Have dinner with your ancestors. Serve them at the same table you will eat dinner at with the family. It is best to do this by candle-light, but not required. Ancestors should always be served FIRST. Make certain that they have a glass of water. After dinner, give thanks for their blessings. Their food should be disposed of in the traditional manner.  (Place out for animals)

Hand-written Letter

A hand-written letter, introducing yourself to your ancestors and asking for a better connection with them. Be sure to thank them for what they've done for you. This should be written on petition paper and placed on your alter. 



Spend some time meditating in front of your ancestor alter. Introduce yourself and thank them aloud. Play some music and feel your connection. Light a white candle (any kind). You may burn resin like myrrh, however this is not required. 


Take your time with any of these.


A. It is RUDE!

B: You are asking for a connection.

You may experience dreams, spirit activity and visions. Welcome them! Don't be afraid. 


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