Cayenne Powder

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 Run Enemies


Hoodoo: Used in hotfoot powder, goofer dust & zombie dust. 

Cayenne Pepper is used to work enemy tricks and to drive hated people away.

Usually used in hotfoot mixtures, mixed with other things like Goofer Dust, Sulfur, Graveyard Dirt or Black Salt.

Sprinkle it around an enemy’s house to cause hard luck, trouble or a departure.

To slowly weaken an enemy or competitor, fold Cayenne Pepper, whole Peppercorns and Graveyard Dirt into a piece of paper with the enemy’s name written. This packet is black cloth, tied with black thread and hidden in the enemy’s house, car or place of business. Cayenne can also be added to jinxing or separation spells.

DO NOT use in love spells to "Spice things up" It could easily cause a hostile situation, fighting and more. Use cinnamon powder to spice things up in love spells

Other Names: Capsicum, Spanish Pepper, Red Pepper, Bird Pepper, Pod Pepper, Chili Pepper (Not chili powder), African Pepper, African Cayenne Pepper, Zanzibar Pepper, Goat’s Pepper, Guinea Pepper (Not the actual Guinea Pepper), American Red Pepper, Cockspur Pepper, Garden Pepper

Powers: Run Enemies


WARNING: This is an extremely strong powder. DO NOT use if you are on an ACE inhibitor, use cocaine, on an anticoagulant or antiplatelet medication, on ANY medication that contains Theophylline or if you have any breathing, respiratory or heart conditions.

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