Eucalyptus Leaf (Eucalyptus spp.)

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Healing, Protection

Hoodoo: To drive away pestiferous people and also for personal cleansing after contact with evil.

Used to stuff healing poppets.

Carried to maintain good health.

To relieve colds, ring green candles with the leave and pods and burn them to the socket, visualizing the person (or yourself) as being completely healthy. 

Hang a small branch, twig or sachet filled with Eucalyptus over a sick bed.

String immature (green) pods on a green thread and wear to help heal sore throat.

Placed beneath a pillow, the pods guard against colds. 

Carried for protection.

Other Names: Blue Gun Tree, Stringy Bark Tree

Gender: Feminine

Planet: Moon

Element: Water

Powers: Healing, Protection

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