Full Moon Self Cleansing (Wicca)

Full Moon Self Cleansing (Wicca)

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It is centuries known, the full moon brings closure to a time. The moon is bright, lighting the path, offering guidance to those that are lost. This is a time when you close doors, in preparation for new beginnings. 

You will need:

5 white chime candles (Need to burn for at least an hour, not much more because you want them to extinguish themselves)

5 chime candle holders or something to ensure that they cannot fall over (2 will be placed on the floor at a later time and will need to be lit and allowed to burn)

3 clean pennies

1 bottle of spring water (any brand is fine)

Rosemary (Fresh or dried)

A white shirt (old, new, t-shirt, blouse, w. logo, anything)

A bowl (glass is best but any bowl will do)

Salt (Any kid, just a pinch)

A key (older is better)


This can be done at anytime during the full moon. It does not need to happen at night. 

-Concentrate strongly on cleansing yourself and removing blockages. 

-Light 3 of the candles on your alter. Place the bowl with the pennies, the spring water, a pinch of salt, rosemary and the key onto the alter in front of your candles. Leave the items in front of the burning candles for at least an hour. 

*****(The candles should extinguish themselves )*****

**Take this time to focus on cleansing yourself of negativity and blockages**

-Take the bowl (after an hour and the candles have extinguished themselves) and two of your unused candles into your bathroom. (Be extremely careful with a glass bowl to avoid breaking and possible injury)

-Prepare your bath or shower to desired heat.

-Place your two candles on the floor, far enough apart that you can step through them (like a doorway). 

-Light the 2 candles (with a match) and step through, carrying your bowl into the shower with you. (Be sure to extinguish matches and discard safely)

-You will need to reserve 1/4 cup of the blessed water, so be careful to not waste it or use it all. 

-Wash yourself with the blessed water from the bowl. (Remember, it has salt and you should avoid getting it into your eyes and delicates. 

-Concentrate on cleansing the negativity that may be clinging to you. 

*Once you are finished*

-Dry off & dress in your white shirt.

-Step back through the candles and extinguish them (if they haven't already done so themselves) by snuffing them out. (DO NOT BLOW OUT)

-Take the remaining `1/4 cup of blessed water to a crossroads and pour it out. (This signifies that you are removing the negativity and weight from your life)

-Return home

***ALWAYS REMEMBER... once you dispose of any working, NEVER look back at it!)

**Crossroads is any intersection.

*You can return the pennies to wherever or leave them on your alter for a while. Toss any remaining wax as desired. 

(Received from searching for a full moon ritual through facebook groups and pages. I do not own rights to this-Origin unknown)

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