Hawthorn Leaf & Flowers (Crataegus oxacantha)

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Faries (Fae), Protection, Happiness, Fertility

Hoodoo: Sprinkle around the home to keep another person from trying to become your spouse's lover.

Increases fertility. Because of this, it is incorporated into weddings, especially weddings in the spring.

Curiously, the leaves are used to enforce or maintain chastity by being placed beneath the mattress or around the bedroom.

Carried in a sachet on a fishing trip, it ensures a good catch,

Worn or carried, it promotes happiness in troubled, depressed or sad person.

Protects against lightening.

Ensure no ghosts can live in the home.

Protection of the home from storms.

Guard child from evil spells (Roman)

Most Witch's gardens contained at least one Hawthorn plant.

Sacred to the fairies.

Oak, Ash and Thorn, and where all three trees grow together, it is said one may see fairies.

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