Horehound (Marrubium vulgare)

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Protection, Mental Powers, Exorcism, Healing

Corresponding Zodiac: Virgo

Hoodoo: Said to keep off wild animals and packs of dogs around the home; medical aid for coughs.

Used in protective sachets, and carried to guard against sorcery and fascination. 

Scattered as an exorcism herb.

Clear your mind and promote quick thinking, as well as strengthen mental powers by drinking in an infusion.

Mix with ash leaves and place in a bowl of water to release healing vibrations and should be placed in a sickroom. 

Ritual Uses: Burn to Horus, the ancient Egyptian God, after which the plant was named.

Other Names: bull's Blood, Eye of the Star, Haran, Hoarhound, Hurran, Llwyd y cwn (Welsh), Marrubium, Maruil, Seed of Horus, Soldier's tea, White Horehound

Gender: Masculine

Planet: Mercury

Element: Air

Deity: Horus

Powers: Protection, Mental Powers, Exorcism, Healing

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