Jar Work

Jar Work

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Jar Work

These little 4oz jars are packed with everything you need for the work. 

It comes with a colored candle and at least 3 of the herbs associated with the jar intention.

Candle color and herbs are chosen based on jar intention.

The rest, well that's on you. 

We also sell a wide variety of oils, herbs and other items that you can use in the work. 

(We can't do it all)

We make these jars with the freshest of herbs available. During production, I focus on the intention of the jar being made, so there is already intention in the right direction. 

Empty contents of jar and crush into mixture. Remove the candle and set aside for later use.

Once contents are crushed, burn them over coal, speaking your intentions and focusing on the outcome of your work. 



After all of the contents have been burned and you are confident in your work, add the ashes back to the jar, replace the lid and get your candle.

(The one you removed from the jar) 

Burn the bottom of the candle just enough to melt it so it will stick to the lid. Place the jar on a safe surface, light your candle and repeat your intention or petition until the candle extinguishes itself.


(If you must extinguish, do so by snuffing out the flame)

Depending on the purpose of your jar, care for or dispose of properly

Be sure your intentions are pure. 

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