Oils & Their Uses

Oils & Their Uses

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Oils have been used since the beginning of time for a number of ritual practices. Healing, Money, Love & More! 

If the oil you are seeking is not available, please let us know. We will get it!

4 Thieves Vinegar - Weakens enemies (external use only)

Abundance Oil - Attract abundance

Adam & Eve Oil - Sensual love

Amber Gold Oil - Attract material wealth

Attraction Oil - Attract money, love or anything you desire

Bend Over Oil - Subjugate another to your will

Black Arts Oil - Use in destructive work

Black Cat Oil - Return a lost love or Gambling Luck

Blessing Oil - to bless

Blockbuster Oil - Remove roadblocks

Cleo May Oil - Attract tips from men

Come to me Oil - Draw a lover closer

Commanding Oil - Dominate others

Confusion Oil - Cause confusion

Cut and Clear Oil - Fall out of love and clear way for new love

Destruction Oil - Aid in dark spells

Dragon's Blood Oil - Power , Love & Protection

Fast Luck Oil - Immediate luck

Fast Money Oil - Immediate money

Fiery Wall of Protection Oil - Strong protection

Follow me Boy Oil - Dominate a man with sexual allure

Follow me Girl Oil - Dominate a woman with sexual allure

Kiss me Now Oil - Bring immediate physical contact

Look me Over Oil - Attract admiration

Lucky 13 Oil - Gambling luck

Return to me Oil - Bring a lover back from a distance

Sage & Citrus Oil - Provide protection for the home

Van Van Oil - Drive away evil & clear the path

Victory Oil - Win against others

Wrath Away Oil - Make anger in another disappear

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