Sea Salt (Sodium Chloride)

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Cleansing, Purification 

Considered holy and pure around the world in most any religion, practice or belief. 

Purifying mineral, it is used in many spells, sachets, mixtures as the symbol of purity and light.

Ancient Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks performed invocations with offerings of water and salt.

Hindu weddings and housewarmings include blessings and gifts of salt.

Attendees of a Buddhist funeral throw salt over the left shoulder to prevent spirits from following them into the home.

In Europe and America spilled salt is to be thrown over the left shoulder to keep the Devil from whispering temptations into the left ear.

Tossing salt over the shoulder banishes the evil.

Jesus refers to his followers as the “salt of the Earth”.

Salt was used in the city of Shechem, salt was used to curse and purify the land.

In Wicca tradition, Salt is used to represent the Earth element on the altar.  Salt is also used to banish harmful spirits, cleanse and bless ritual items, and describe magic circles.

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